Everyone deserves a place they feel cared for

Vision and Values 

Here at Chick-fil-A Thibodaux, we believe in: Community, Positivity, Empowerment, Excellence, and Experience. We exist to inspire people to take good care of one another through connecting our community together by gathering to serve and eat real, delicious food. Everything we do is intentional and purpose driven, and we strive to provide ourselves and one another with a sense of belonging and fulfillment. 


We will achieve this by being dedicated to: 

  • Empowering others

  • Creating positive experiences

  • Making a difference in our community

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Let us invest
in you


Apply Today!

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Perks of the Job

  • Free Food

  • Flexible Schedule 

  • Competitive Pay 

  • Paid Time Off 


    Scholarship Opportunities 

  • Leadership Opportunities 

  • Leadership Development

  • #NomoreSundays!

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